Professional home inspections. The Essential Information Everybody Needs to Know.

This is an important and very important question. Many home buyers, agents, and even brokers don’t understand what a home inspector does. Let me now clarify.

Every home inspection has three aspects.

1st – The home inspection is an objective, non-intrusive, and fair attempt to determine the true material condition of the house during the inspection.

2nd – It’s not about the home inspector telling the homeowner what’s wrong. It’s a discovery session where you get to learn more about what you are buying and how it fits into your life.

My job is to ensure that the reality of your home matches your expectations. If I can do it successfully, I have done my job.

3rd – A home inspection report. The report summarizes and communicates the findings in an easy-to-understand format. A home inspection is just a snapshot of the home’s condition at a given time. The report, therefore, is the image (and a great report will include lots of photos). The report is the only thing that makes a home inspection real. You can go through the report as many times as you wish to determine if the house is right for you.

It’s very limited by nature to what can be touched, seen, and tested. This is especially true for vacant homes. A home inspector must play detective and find all the information (good and not so good) necessary to make an informed decision about the property.

If you have the time, it is worth taking advantage of the rare opportunity for a professional home inspector to inspect your home. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have and will give you key advice and information that will help you to maintain and improve your home over the years.

Here are some key points to keep in mind about home inspections

1. There is no perfect home. Even a brand-new home is not perfect. The report will always have something to be noted.

2. There are not all home inspectors created equal. Some home inspectors are better than others, just like auto mechanics. When comparing home inspector firms, price should not be your primary consideration. Refer to word-of-mouth, past client reviews, experience, background, expertise, and word-of-mouth. This is especially important because you are making such an important and large investment.

3. A home inspection san antonio can be a great investment in the quality and safety of your new home. It is one thing. My personal goal is to find items in homes that at least cover the cost of the inspection. If they can be repaired, then I will. However, sometimes that doesn’t happen. Sometimes my fee is small compared to the value of what I find.

4. Old homes are just like old people. They need more attention the older they become (my boys laugh at me when I say this). You should make sure you see older homes (50+) in the way they are supposed to be seen. Also, try not to bring the same expectations as you did when you first visited that 10-year-old home. It will look and perform differently. What are the three biggest problems in an old house? The foundation, plumbing, and electrical system are the most important.

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